Best Bitcoin Wallets to invest in India

Bitcoin prices vary from country to country, as prices in India are often high compared to other countries, as no centralized regulatory body regulates bitcoin trading. There are also alerts provided by the Ministry of Finance and RBI about investments made in cryptocurrencies, and it is the individuals’ own risk of investing in cryptocurrencies. Yet there is no lack of interest in people even after these alerts and knowing the dangers associated with it, and more and more people are thinking of having their money invested in cryptocurrencies.

But everyone wants to know in which virtual wallet it is easier to spend money to collect higher returns to get the cash invested. So here’s the list of Indian bitcoin wallets where you might invest your money to earn the fruit of profit. Bitcoin investments can be both wild, exciting and dangerous at the same time. So when opting for these choices, be careful.

1. Zebpay Bitcoin India

The App is quick to use and makes it easy and complex to buy and sell Bitcoin free of charge. You just have to download and sign up for the account with your mobile number for this and the setup is easy to leave in terms of other Indian bitcoin wallet. After sign up just enter and check your bank credentials and you are done.

2. Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet

You can connect your Paypal account to your wallet through this app. It provides the Bitcoin broker exchange function and some other forms of cryptocurrencies. It has the authentication protection of 2FA, adding a degree of security to your bitcoins.

3. Unicoin Bitcoin Wallet

In addition to the wallet such as DTH and smartphone recharge with bitcoin, this app comes with multi-utility, purchasing bitcoins using a systematic investment strategy and selling and buying using your current bank account.

4. Koinex Trade in Bitcoin

There is no app given by this company, but the bitcoin wallet is dedicated to the website. There are unique features such as the option of immediate withdrawal, multi-cryptocurrency dedicated wallet, low fees compared to other high-profile wallets, and most importantly, the portal is “MADE IN INDIA.”

5. BitXoXo

The speciality of this app is that it also has good service and help and has 0 percent transfer fees, like unocoin. You just need to sign up and check all the very easily completed information and credentials. You will begin to purchase and exchange your Bitcoins via this portal as the verification is completed.

So, these are some of the nice and stable bitcoin wallets for India that can be used quickly to sell, buy and move bitcoin without any hassle and problems. In addition, if you have any questions or suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to call us and we’re always there to assist you.

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